Classic Collection

Our elegant Classic bedlinen uses subtle stitch detailing or sophisticated coloured borders to keep things simple but chic.



Elegant Classic bedlinen with subtle stitch detailing and Oxford borders perfect for those looking for something simple, chic and one colour.

Ladderstitch Pillow


Our Ladderstitch is the epitome of understated elegance, and has been included in our selection of designs by special request.


This sophisticated and versatile design is elegantly structured, yet it drapes beautifully on the bed. Choose a colour from our selection of pure Egyptian cotton sheeting and then choose the contrasting border to trim.


Our new Linden collection, like Oxford, additionally giving you the option to add a splash of colour with a simple corded stitch. Choose a colour plus contrasting border from our selection of pure Egyptian cotton sheeting and then from our selection of 100's add any stitch colour.

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