We make bedlinen in a range of UK sizes as standard, and can also work with any different or awkward measurements you may have.

Bespoke bedlinen dimensions

Single61 x 108”155 x 275cm
Double86 x 108”218 x 275cm
King98 x 117”248 x 300cm
Super King109 x 118”278 x 300cm
Emperor125 x 125”318 x 315cm
Single54 x 79”137 x 200cm
Double79 x 79”200 x 200cm
King90 x 87”230 x 220cm
Super King102 x 87”260 x 220cm
Emperor118 x 94”300 x 240cm
Single35 x 75”90 x 190cm
Double53 x 75”135 x 190cm
King59 x 78”150 x 200cm
Super King79 x 79”190 x 200cm
Emperor84 x 84”215 x 215cm
Single71 x 108”180 x 275cm
Double91 x 108”230 x 275cm
King108 x 117”275 x 300cm
Super King120 x 109”305 x 280cm
Emperor144 x 109”365 x 280cm
Single19 x 29”50 x 75cm
Square26 x 26″65 x 65cm
Boudoir12 x 16”30 x 40cm
Square Boudoir16 x 16”40 x 40cm
Standard19 x 29”50 x 75cm
Extra22 x 32”56 x 81cm
King20 x 36”51 x 91cm
Square26 x 26”65 x 65cm
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