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Much more than soft and fluffy

Towels are an everyday item, both decorative and practical. You probably don’t think twice about your towels until the day you get out of the bath only to discover you’ve forgotten to take one with you, you’ll wish you had a soft, plush towel to wrap yourself up in.. Not to mention that towels often add aesthetic appeal to the room and help to bring your interior design together.

Along with supplying luxury bedlinen, Gilly Nicolson Bedlinen we are now suppling two collections of beautiful towels, our Classic White Collection & Superior Collection. As you know we are all about bespoke therefore there is of course an option for custom embroidery on our Classic White Collection.

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Cost & Quality

You can spend as much or as little as you want on towels. Budget options are available or you can buy luxury. These prices are dictated by the type of material used, construction, weight and plushness.

There are several important factors to consider when shopping for towels. These considerations can affect the towel’s feel, performance, and longevity, so it’s important to find the best options for your needs.


While many people don’t think about the fabric their towels are made from, this is one of the most important considerations, as materials perform differently in terms of absorbance, softness, colour-fastness and durability.

One of the most high-end towels, you can buy are Cotton towels. Cotton towels are often regarded as the best towels you can buy for their high quality and superior performance. The yarn is made from long-staple, highly fibrous cotton, which results in towels that are extremely soft, plush, absorbent and durable. These towels will last for years when properly cared for, and they’re an essential in any luxury hotel or spa.


While perhaps not the most important consideration, you should always check the size of towels before you buy, they can vary a lot from one brand to the other. If you want to really bundle yourself up, look for towels called “bath sheets” which are larger, spa-like towels.


All fabrics, including towels, have a weight that’s measured in GSM, or grams per square meter. the lower the number, the lighter the towel will be.  There’s no “right” towel weight; it’s simply a matter of personal preference. Some people like lighter towels, while others prefer heavy, dense ones. As a general rule of thumb, towels with a GSM of 300-400 are usually too light for daily use, while products between 400-600 GSM are standard. Towels that weigh more than 600 GSM are considered “luxury” products.

There are some key differences associated with various towel weights that are important to factor in. For instance, products with a low GSM typically dry faster but aren’t as absorbent. An example of this is a lightweight beach towel. On the other hand, heavy towels with a high GSM are the most absorbent and plush and ideal as bath towels, but as such, they will take longer to dry.


Believe it or not, caring for your towels is not as simple as just throwing them in the wash. All towels should be washed before you first use them as this will wash off the finish they have and help with absorbency. Towels should never be laundered with fabric softener which will add a film onto the towel thus preventing the absorbency.

Your towels should ideally be laundered every three uses(!) and should be washed with other towels at the highest temperature the label says they can handle.

Form more information on care and washing of your towels, check out this full guide from Good Housekeeping.

You will just love our NEW towel collections

We only design and make 100%  Cotton luxury towels, simply because there the best… and you really do deserve the best!

If you have tried our Bedlinen you will love our new Classic and Superior Towel Collections. If you are looking for some custom embroidery drop us an email or give us a call, we are always delighted to help.

Come to Gilly Nicolson Bedlinen if you’re looking for high-quality that you can use for years. We promise you’ll love it!

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