The impact of kids…

My second son just turned 2 – wee Sam who’s a little bundle of energy and chaos is becoming even more chaotic and energetic! So many changes at this stage – they start trying to chat (only a language a mother knows and understands…), Peter Rabbit teddies are replaced with big plastic diggers and bulldozers, they play with their big brothers (and learn how to wind them up), and they move into a ‘big boy bed’!

This is of course, of great excitement in our house. I leapt at the opportunity to design and create luxury bespoke bedlinen for little boys, but I think I’ve found a few option for little girls too. Everyone is different, but I prefer to opt away from the typical blue for boys and pink for girls.

My boys share a room because they adore each other, so I’ve incorporated red accessories on one side for Archie and grey on the other for Sam. It sort of works….but they don’t care, they chose the ribbon colours and they liked that I called the collection ‘Little Stars’ after my two wee Stars.

I’m constantly looking for new ribbons and ideas, but also love it when clients send us things they’ve found that they would like to use. That’s the beauty of bespoke I guess.

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