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About Gilly Nicolson

“I discovered a passion for design in my 20s. For me, that decade was all about exploring, and the experiences I had around the world paved the way for the birth of the Gilly Nicolson brand you see today.” 


Fifteen years ago, in Scotland’s capital Edinburgh, the Gilly Nicolson brand was born. Inspired by the style and simplicity of what Gilly saw while working in New Zealand and Japan, she embarked on a mission to bring a bit of her own joie de vivre into people’s homes.

She brought on board her lifelong friend Sally who shares her passion for textile design and together they set out to make the ‘haute couture’ of interior design. Clean, crisp, luxurious, white linens with bold splashes of colour, handcrafted by local women in Portuguese mills who have been doing the same beautiful work for generations

These are two visionary businesswomen, weaving a brand that transcends the ordinary, placing the customer at the heart of their creative endeavour. They curate exquisite artisan bed linen pieces, sourcing materials with precision and infusing each creation with a unique touch.
Their commitment to craftsmanship is evident in the meticulous detailing of every stitch, ensuring that each linen piece is not just an item but a work of art. Customer satisfaction is their guiding principle, fostering a connection that goes beyond transactions to create an experience.
In their pursuit of beauty and functionality, these entrepreneurs engage with their audience, seeking feedback and incorporating customer preferences into their designs. This dynamic interaction forms the foundation of a brand that not only produces beautiful bed linens but also fosters a sense of community and appreciation for the craft.
gilly nicolson bespoke linens

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