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Care Instructions

Life is busy! So we’ve made sure that all Gilly Nicolson products are easy to wash and look after.

Bed linen

We recommend a 40˚C wash which contains purely cotton bed linen – we do not advise washing with towels or blankets. Please be aware that many washing detergents now contain some form of bleach or ‘optical brighteners’. Over time, these will fade your sheeting if you have chosen a colour other than white. On this basis, we would suggest a detergent with no brightening or bleaching agent for coloured sheeting or trims.

Your bed linen can be tumble dried on a low heat, and then ironed using the ‘Cotton’ setting. Ironing whilst the bed linen is still a little damp helps a great deal in reducing any stubborn creases, or alternatively just spraying a little water whilst using a steam iron. If you have chosen bed linen with our grosgrain ribbon, we would recommend a cool tumble dry and ironing the ribbon on reverse.


For hygiene, we recommend using cotton pillow and mattress protectors. Our range of protectors are pure cotton and can also be easily washed in the machine. Most of our pillows and duvets can be machine washed but some need dry cleaning. Please refer to the individual care label for more information.


We recommend a 40˚C wash for all of our pure cotton towels and tumble drying on a low heat. Please avoid detergents with optical brighteners if you have a coloured towel or a coloured trim as over time, the brighteners will start to fade the colour.

Fabric softener is not recommended for towels as it creates a build up on the surface of the towel.

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