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Monogramming is the ultimate touch of luxury and the perfect way to personalise your linens. Simply decide what you would like such as your initials, name or a decorative motif. You can choose various fonts and styles to create a custom design.

Monogramming your bed linen, table linen or towels adds a personal and elegant touch, making it completely unique to you.


Pillowcases 1-2 initials £16.00
Pillowcases 3 initials £20.00
Pillowcases 1 full name £25.00
Duvet Covers / Top Sheets 1-2 initials £16.00
Duvet Covers / Top Sheets 3 initials £20.00
Duvet Covers / Top Sheets 1 full name £25.00
Towels 1-2 initials £16.00
Towels 3 initials £20.00
Towels 1 full name £25.00

Monogramming Position

Bed linen

Monogramming is positioned at the closed end of the pillowcase. If you’re ordering different initials but for the same bed, choose ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ hand side (when looking at the bed)

Duvet Covers

Monogramming is positioned a few centimetres down from the top edge of the duvet cover, in the centre.

Top Sheets

If you like to use a top sheet and have decided not to monogram the duvet cover, the monogram on our top sheets is positioned centrally when the top sheet is folded back over the duvet cover.


If you like an ‘easy 1-fold’ in half, the monogramming is positioned on the bottom left hand corner.

If you prefer a ‘2-fold’ so you don’t see the towel edges, the monogramming is positioned at the bottom of the towel in the centre

Bath Robes

You can choose to have the monogramming on the left or right hand chest


You can choose from any of our 400 stitch colours to monogram bed linen and towels. The colour can match what you have on your bed linen or it can be in contrast.


Bed linen

Pillowcases Approx. 5cm
Duvet Covers Approx. 10cm
Top Sheets Approx. 10cm


Face Cloths Approx. 6cm
Hand Towels Approx. 6cm
Bath Towels Approx. 6cm
Bath Sheets Approx. 6cm
Adult Bathrobes Approx. 6cm

(Please note, the overall size of the monogramming will get smaller with more letters)

Please note that all monogrammed items are non-refundable unless faulty.


These are some of our favourite fonts but if you or your client would prefer something else, please just let us know. Click the images below to enlarge.

If you have a trade enquiry or just want to ask us a question, contact us and we would be delighted to help.

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