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Gilly Nicolson has worked with the same artisan mills in Portugal for over 15 years, ensuring a consistent level of high quality and craftsmanship. Some of our mills have been family-owned for generations, where knowledge and craft is handed down from generation to generation.

We are proud to have become part of their community and to support their incredible work. All our linens are lovingly made with incredible care and attention to detail.


Crafting luxury bed linen involves meticulous attention to detail. Our skilled artisans begin by selecting the most exquisite fabrics, including fine cottons and linens, known for their softness and durability. The fabric is then carefully cut to your desired dimensions, ensuring precision at every point.

One expert seamstresses employ various stitching techniques, such as hemstitching or satin stitching, to create intricate designs and reinforce the edges. Embroidery or monogramming may be added for a personalised touch.

After stitching, our linens undergo quality control measures to ensure each piece meets our standards before being elegantly packaged for presentation.

Throughout this artisanal journey, the emphasis is on craftsmanship, quality materials, and attention to detail, resulting in luxurious bed linen that combines comfort with aesthetic appeal.

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