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Your Guide to Ordering Gilly Nicolson Bed Linen | Top Tips


How do I order Gilly Nicolson Bed Linen?

Customising your own bed linen allows you to create something truly unique and tailor-made to your exact requirements. We offer various options for creating your luxury bespoke bed linen. Here are a few simple steps to help you:

1. Choose the fabric: Consider the type of fabric you want for your bed linen. How do you like to feel at night? Do you prefer something a little cooler or prefer something with a silky finish? Our options include sateen and percale cottons, in various thread counts, organic cotton and linen. Select a fabric that feels comfortable and suits your style and most importantly your body temperature!
2. Select the design: Decide on the design which best suits your overall room theme or personal taste. You could choose crisp whites with subtle corded stitch or scallop design, or a bold design using our grosgrain ribbons – the choices are endless.
3. Size and measurements: Determine the size of the bed linen you need. Depending on your bed size (e.g. double, king or super king), you will need to provide measurements to ensure a perfect fit. We have standard sizes for our bed linen but we can make to any size. 
4. Embellishments and details: Consider any additional embroidery or details you might like to add to your bed linen, such as embroidered monograms, logos, crests, bespoke ties or buttons. These can add a personal touch to your design.
6. Place your order: Once you have all the details sorted out, place your order direct with us. You can either order online or simply send us an email and we will work closely with you. Make sure you provide us with the specific instructions, measurements, and design preferences you’ve decided on.


Enjoy creating your own beautiful and luxurious bespoke bed linen!


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