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Tailor-Made Elegance: Why Choose Bespoke? | Gilly Nicolson


Tailor-Made Elegance: Why Choose Bespoke?

When it comes to your clients and the face of your brand, only the best will do. Here at Gilly Nicolson, we specialise in custom-made homeware that captures the essence of the individual, with unlimited choice, superior craftsmanship and an unrivalled colour library guaranteed to help you create totally unique collections you’ll never find on the shelf.

Whether you’re searching for premium pieces to delight your clients or customised creations to elevate your personal brand, bespoke interior design solutions are the perfect way to set you apart in a landscape saturated by standardisation. Join us as we explore the many benefits of stylistically standing out from the crowd.

Limitless Possibilities

For businesses with a carefully crafted colour scheme and branding that tells a story, our bespoke collections enable you to choose everything from the shade and texture of your sheeting options to the precise hue of your trims and even the motifs, crests and logos adorning each piece.

For interior designers seeking to elevate their clients’ homes (and expectations), our customisable designs enhance the customer journey to create beautiful interior solutions that transform their homes into sanctuaries – with personalised touches they won’t find anywhere else.

Our talented UK-based team and the artisanal Portuguese mills we’ve used since the birth of the Gilly Nicolson brand will not only craft everything to your precise requirements but can bring your design concepts to life with our fully bespoke service. We encourage our clients to send us fabric and wallpaper samples, design boards, sketches, photos or simply whatever inspires you – to help us collaborate on your dream collections. And if you need a helping hand to unleash your creativity, our team is on hand to help you maximise your design potential. The only limit is your imagination.

An Unrivalled Colour Library

At Gilly Nicolson, we’re serious about colour. Our unmatched colour library boasts over 400 distinct options, giving our clients access to a full spectrum of shades and hues to enable them to create designs with pinpoint colour-matching precision – perfect for brands, businesses and those who know exactly what they want.

embroidery thread colours gilly nicolson bespoke bed linen

Superior Craftsmanship

All of our premium pieces are designed right here in the UK and hand-crafted by talented artisans from the family-owned Portuguese mills with whom we’ve worked for over 15 years. We count the finest boutiques, hotels and private homes among our satisfied clients, and each has been delighted time and again by the unparalleled attention to detail and premium quality produced by our skilled partners.

Choosing bespoke grants you access to a standard not found in traditional off-the-shelf designs. Our collections are made to stand the test of time, using durable, premium materials and eternal designs that won’t go out of fashion. At Gilly Nicolson, we create heirloom luxury that lasts a lifetime.

Our Favourite Bespoke Collections at Gilly Nicolson

Our Luxury Bed Linens

As the piece that started it all, bespoke bed linen will always be the heart of what we do at Gilly Nicolson.


Since our conception over a decade ago, our premium bed linen collections have given customers outstanding choices in luxury homeware, with unlimited colour options and endless design possibilities. Through the years, we’ve brought our clients’ visions to life in the only places that truly matter: their homes and businesses.

Each of our luxury, fully bespoke bed linen collections are available in:

  • 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 thread count options

  • 100% pure cotton, with a choice between velvety sateen and crisp percale cotton fabrics

  • A choice of neutral sheeting colours, including white, ivory, soft grey and natural

  • Choose from over 400 thread and ribbon colours to add a trim, motif, or completely bespoke design to your bed linen.


You can learn more about what makes our bed linen collections unique in our Thread Count, Colours & Cottons blog or explore our How to Order guide.

Our Premium Table Linens

Gilly Nicolson became the whole-home luxury brand it is today with the launch of our tableware collections. Expanding our ethos of personalised opulence from the bedroom to the dining room, our table linens inject your individuality into every meal with superior-quality tablecloths, napkins, and placemats – all complete with our signature customisation options. 

Our fully-bespoke table linen collections are available in two different weights of 100% pure-cotton or a lavish linen fabric. There is a selection of gorgeous neutral hues to choose from.

Customise your table linen with hemstitch, corded stitch, scallop edging, motifs, crests, logos or initials. Choose from over 400 thread and ribbon colours to create your own bespoke design.

Our Sumptuously Soft Towels

Our exquisite towel collections can be found in some of Europe’s most exclusive boutique hotels and stunning homes. Available in a range of different weights, colours and sizes, as well as the unlimited customisation capabilities you’ve come to expect from Gilly Nicolson, our hotel-grade towels make the perfect finishing touch to any bathroom.

monogram 720gsm white cotton towels by gilly nicolson

Our premium towel collections are available in:

  • 100% pure cotton fabrics


  • Between 500gsm and 720gsm weights


  • In bath towel, bath sheet, hand towel and face cloth size


  • In a selection of neutral and earthy colours


  • Choose from over 400 thread colours to customise your towels with 1-3 lines of corded stitch trim or a beautiful scallop design. Why not create your own unique motif, monogram or logo. Completely unique to you or your client.

Transform Your Vision into Reality. Discover the World of Bespoke Design with Gilly Nicolson

Ready to start your bespoke design journey? Contact our friendly team to get started today. Or, for inspiration, explore our existing collections of adult’s and children’s bed linen, table linens, towels and bathrobes.

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