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Choosing the Right Bedding for Your Business | Gilly Nicolson


Whether you’re a boutique hotel selling a sound night’s sleep or an interior designer composing siesta-ready sanctuaries to delight your clients, creating the chicest, comfiest bed you can’t wait to climb into is the heart of your business – making choosing the perfect pieces essential for success (and satisfaction).

In our latest blog, we’ll break down the components of an irresistibly luxurious bed and compare the high-end bedding options available on the market to help you delight your clients through the seasons – and guarantee them a superior snooze, night after night.

The Anatomy of the Luxury Bed

The sort of bed that beckons the moment you walk into the room can be as simple or as complicated as you like – what truly matters is the quality of your bedding. While your brand’s aesthetics and clients’ tastes will determine how you build your bed, we’ve dissected each element below for inspiration.

The Mattress

A premium quality mattress is the cornerstone of any good night’s sleep. Mattresses provide our bodies with comfortable support as we toss and turn and can mean the difference between uninterrupted rest and waking up with aches and pains. Finding the perfect middle-ground mattress that will appeal to everyone can be tricky for hotels and businesses catering to guests of all shapes and sizes, but investing in good-quality pieces from reputable brands will make all the difference.

The Mattress Topper


Mattress toppers provide a washable barrier between those sleeping in the bed and the mattress, helping protect your bedding from bacteria, dust and sweat. A great quality protector will boost comfort, prolong your mattress’s lifespan, and even help reduce dust-mite-related allergies to encourage a deeper sleep – the perfect addition to any bed for businesses catering to multiple guests. 

Our Hypoallergenic Comforel Mattress Topper

Our Hypoallergenic Comforel Mattress Topper is crafted to emulate the sumptuous sensation of feather and down while maintaining a fully synthetic composition. The filling, composed of 100% pure cotton, offers exceptional loft and recovery features, while the cassette construction ensures the even distribution of the filling, eradicating any potential cold spots or uneven padding – for a consistently cosy night’s sleep.

Our Feather & Down Mattress Toppers

For those looking to elevate their bed to luxurious new heights, our feather and down mattress toppers provide an unrivalled level of support and warmth. 

The 85/15 Duck Feather & Down Topper blends 85% duck feather and 15% pure down for incomparable support, comfort and warmth, while our Luxury Duck Down Combination Topper boasts a 5cm base in a duck feather & down mix topped with a 2 cm layer of European goose down. 

Our feather and down toppers are piped and self-piped for strength and durability in a 233-thread-count pure-cotton casing. The filling and casings are also OEKO-TEX® Standard Certified, and all of our feather and down bedding is NOMITE and Downafresh® accredited.


Superior-quality pillows are a vital part of any bed, providing necessary support for the head and neck to reduce the likelihood of aches and pains in the morning. And for businesses relying on client satisfaction, choosing premium pieces that appeal to all your guests is essential when crafting a comfortable sleep environment they’ll want to return to night after night.


Our Hypoallergenic Comforel Pillows

Our Hypoallergenic Comforel Pillows have a 100% pure cotton, 233-thread-count casing for a luxury feel. Following the other pieces in our hypoallergenic collection, the high-quality synthetic fibres gather in soft, malleable clusters to perfectly match the texture of natural down and feather filling – for a deep, restful sleep without irritation.

Our Feather & Down Pillows

Our natural feather & down pillow collections have been meticulously crafted to add opulence and comfort to your luxury accommodation spaces and clients’ homes. The curated selection includes goose feather pillows with a saturated fill power for optimal support and Hungarian goose down to provide a lofty and cushioning feel encased in a pure cotton, 300-thread-count cover. For those seeking the perfect balance of firmness and support, our collection also offers pillows with a harmonious blend of duck feathers and down

Designed to meet the discerning standards of hotels and interior designers, our feather and down collections combine sophistication with functionality, ensuring a premium experience that enhances the comfort of any bed. All of our feather and down bedding is NOMITE and Downafresh® Certified.

The Duvet


Duvets play a pivotal role in a great night’s sleep, providing a luxurious and inviting atmosphere beyond warmth and comfort. High-quality duvets made with premium materials guarantee a restful slumber and contribute to the bed’s visual appeal, adding an extra layer of sophistication (and cosiness) to the room’s aesthetic. In the competitive landscape of high-end accommodation, investing in quality duvets becomes a strategic decision for hoteliers aiming to enhance guest satisfaction, garner positive reviews and distinguish their establishment as a luxury haven.

Our Hypoallergenic Comforel Duvet

An incredibly popular option for our hotel and boutique clients, the synthetic filling in our Hypoallergenic Comforel Duvet has the same sumptuous feel as our feather and down bedding while remaining 100% non-allergenic. Each duvet is developed with a piped and double-stitched edge construction and boasts a baffle wall box design with individually filled pockets to prevent inconsistent padding and distribute warmth evenly throughout the night.

Our Feather & Down Duvets

Our feather and down duvet collections deliver the perfect blend of comfort and weight. Utilising the superior qualities of straighter feathers and a thicker quill, our 70/30 Duck Feather & Down duvets provide 400-fill power to ensure a snug bedding experience, while our 90% Hungarian Goose Down duvets boast a box wall baffle construction and 700-fill power for evenly distributed warmth and a light, luxurious feel. Each thoughtfully designed duvet in the range is encased in a down-proof, pure-cotton cover with piped edges and a double-stitched finish, promising comfort, longevity and an exceptional sleep experience for all.

Why Choose Gilly Nicolson Bedding?

  • Handmade in Scotland – all our luxury bedding collections are handmade in Fife by skilled artisans who oversee each step of production, for perfect pieces every time.


  • Bespoke bedding for your business – our bedding is totally bespoke and can be customised to fit your exact size and material specifications.


  • The highest quality fabrics & fillings – all of our bedding collections contain synthetic fillings from world-leading producers in Germany and Denmark, while our feather and down fillings are provided by some of Europe’s most reputable producers.

Gilly Nicolson: In Bed with Your Business

Our premium bedding collections are designed with luxury hoteliers and interior designers in mind, created with the finest quality fabrics and materials guaranteed to delight your clients and customers night after night. Explore our full bedding range today, or contact our team for bespoke order inquiries.

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