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Whimsical Retreats for Little Feet | Gilly Nicolson

gilly nicolson childrens bed linen

By Sally Smith

Naptime Nooks and Bedtime Books - Where Wonder Grows

A child’s bedroom is a canvas of joy and delight, where imagination dances with reality. It’s a haven where dreams take flight, wrapped in the warmth of restful colours and whimsical themes. In this enchanting space, every toy is a treasure, and every corner holds the promise of adventure.

Delight is found in the personalised details – a nameplate on the door, an embroidered pillowcase, a gallery of finger painted materpieces, and shelves brimming with tales of dragons, heroes and faraway lands. A bedroom would not be complete though without the softness of the bed where dreams are spun and the warmth of a well-loved blanket. Our bespoke bed linen adds personality and charm to rooms where children can retreat into a world of comfort and joy.

Where the Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

gilly nicolson nursery bed linen

Children’s bed linen adds character to a room. Embroidered bed linens often feature intricate and colourful designs that add a personalised touch to create a cosy and inviting space.

Choose from the collections below or create your own unique design. Ideas can include animals, flowers, fairy tales and cartoon characters or perhaps your child’s initials or full name.

Choose from percale or sateen cotton sheets ranging from 200TC up to 1000TC. Choose from over 400 thread colours for the embroidery of your child’s favourite character or a monogram of their initials. 

Take Flight with the Flamingo

Add a little flamingo fun to crisp, white cottons. Incorporate brighter colours, playful patterns and whimsical decor, inspired by these tropical birds.

gilly nicolson embroidered flamingo bed linen

The Gentle Giraffe

Take inspiration from the interior styling of the room. Extract design elements from pictures, curtains and wallpaper designs. Personalise the space with something truly unique for your child. 

gilly nicolson peter rabbit embroidered towels and bed linen

The Herd of Elephants

Add one, two or three little elephants to your pillowcases. Keeping it simple allows you to add colour and texture to the bed with throws and cushions galore.

gilly nicolson elephant embroidered bed linen

Wrap Up With Character

Our soft, cosy Porto towels are perfect for wrapping little ones in warmth after their bath, creating a comforting post-ritual for children.

gilly nicolson peter rabbit embroidered towels and bed linen

Our bespoke linens allow you to have full control to design your own bed linen, bedding, towels and table linen. You can choose the fabric, size, weight, thread count and the trim colour. Choose from hundreds of thread and grosgrain ribbon colours.

Create a one-of-a-kind design that suits your personal style and elevates the look and comfort of your home. View our other bed linen collections

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