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Customisation Services

Embark on a journey of comfort and style as we bring your bed linen ideas to life. Our design experts seamlessly blend fabrics with functionality, ensuring every detail, from colours and trims to intricate patterns, reflect your personal taste and transform your bedroom into a haven of relaxation. Contact us to discuss your linens.


Cotton Sheeting Choices

Choose white or ivory sheeting in 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 threads/sq.inch. Our 400tTC Sateen is by far our most popular, with some people using our 200TC for their kids’ rooms or rental properties. But don’t be deceived, it’s still gives a  beautiful and luxurious quality and is  Gilly’s choice in her own home. However our 1000TC is irresistible! 

If you’re wondering about percale or sateen, we would describe it like this – percale is a tighter weave of cotton often used in hotels. It often feels cooler and crisper. Sateen is blissfully soft but not silky. It softens more with time and is used by our interior designers all over the world.

We currently offer the following qualities of pure cotton which can be used for any bed linen design:

200 thread count

Pure cotton Percale in White, Ivory and Taupe

Pure cotton Sateen in White

400 thread count

Pure cotton Percale in White, Ecru, Sand, Light Grey

Pure cotton Sateen in White, Ivory, Soft Grey, Natural

600 thread count

Pure cotton Sateen in White

800 and 1000 thread count

Pure cotton Sateen in white

Ribbons & Trims

Our bed linen can then be customised with ribbons and trims. Our most popular collection is Corded Stitch – you can choose from over 400 colours:

Alternatively choose from over 60 different grosgrain ribbon colours for a sharp, contemporary design:


You can also choose from our curated collection of monogram fonts to personalise your towels, bed linen and table linen.

Monogramming is the ultimate touch of luxury and such a beautiful, thoughtful gift. Add 1,2 or 3 initials or even a first name. Monogramming will give your linen the extra touch of personalisation that will make you feel even more cared for. Please contact us if you would like your order monogrammed.

Bespoke designs are also available – send us your ideas.



Personalise your bed linen, table linen, towels and robes with intricate designs. Choose designs which complement your style and decor to create something completely unique to you.

We have worked with crests, logos, motifs and complicated fonts. Anything is possible, simply send us your ideas and we will work with you to create something truly wonderful.


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