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Sample Packs: The Must-Have Studio Essential | Gilly Nicolson

gilly nicolson customised sample box

Introducing Our Sample Packs: The Essential Every Studio Needs

Sometimes, you need to hold something in your hands to truly feel the craftsmanship and care sown into each stitch. At Gilly Nicolson, we want everyone to experience the sensory pleasure of our buttery, pure cotton linens. To feel the grooves and contours of our embroidered bed linen collections, feast their eyes on our unrivalled coloured library and run their fingers through our silky grosgrain ribbons. Now, they can.

Our premium sample packs are the must-have every studio needs to stimulate creativity and streamline decision-making. We have consciously curated our packs with our most popular, premium pieces in mind – highlighting the diversity of our collections through textures, colours and materials guaranteed to spark fresh ideas and help your clients find the essence of their individuality, no matter their tastes.

Gilly Nicolson Sample Packs: Luxury, Simplified

Each one of our beautifully branded boxes contains the following:

  • A hard copy of our brochure displaying our entire linen collections

  • Samples of all our sheeting options (including our 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1,000 thread counts in percale and sateen, alongside every neutral shade we offer)

  • A thread colour card displaying our unrivalled colour library (over 400 shades and hues to fully customise our popular Corded Stitch, Cascais Scallop and Arran collections, as well as any of our embroidered designs)

  • Samples of all 60 of our velvety grosgrain ribbon colours

  • A sample pillowcase, a 720gsm face cloth and a pure-linen table napkin

Why Add a Gilly Nicolson Sample Pack to Your Studio?

Help Your Clients Visualise Their Dream Space

Our studio sample packs are your gateway to turning design dreams into stunning realities. Each pack provides a tactile and immersive experience, allowing clients to touch, feel and see the textures, colours and luxury materials that will bring their visions to life. Our carefully curated boxes enable you to confidently explore options, make side-by-side comparisons, and personalise your space to ensure our premium designs align with your unique style and tastes.

Quality Craftsmanship You Can Feel

Savour the unparalleled craftsmanship and quality that define our premium pieces. Our carefully chosen materials reflect our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to providing a touch of luxury in every collection. Prepare to experience the quality, durability, and artisanship of the Gilly Nicolson brand.

Say Goodbye to Colour Conundrums

Our studio sample packs prevent colour dilemmas, empowering you and your clients to make confident choices. In the world of interior design, the precision and clarity that sample packs offer are unmatched, allowing you to assess shades in real-life settings and reveal their true character under different lighting conditions. 

Bid farewell to the uncertainties of digital representations; now, you can experience the blend of hues firsthand, ensuring that your chosen colour palette perfectly complements your desired aesthetic.

Simplify Decision-Making

Our luxury sample packs play a vital role in simplifying the decision-making process, enabling you to navigate the complexities of design choices with ease and confidence. Containing everything you need to get a feel for our premium pieces, our packs remove the guesswork and endless deliberation often associated with design decisions, so you can swiftly compare materials, textures, and colours side by side – transforming what might otherwise be a daunting task into a smooth and efficient experience.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Sample packs are an essential resource to help you avoid costly misjudgments in your design decisions, serving as your insurance against choices that could lead to regrets or the need for expensive revisions later on. With tangible samples, you can thoroughly evaluate the quality, texture, and colour of materials to ensure they align seamlessly with your vision.

Sample Pack FAQs

Can I Choose My Samples?

Our sample packs come pre-prepared, filled with the most popular pieces that our clients love. However, individual items can be purchased separately if there’s a specific product you’d like to have in your studio. Contact us today to discuss your bespoke needs with our team.

How Much Do They Cost?

Our luxury sample packs cost £80 plus VAT and delivery.

Design with Distinction: Elevate Your Studio with Our Luxury Sample Packs

Our meticulously curated sample packs provide a tangible, hands-on encounter with our premium pieces to enhance your studio’s creative potential and improve your clients’ customer journey.  Simplify your choices, streamline decisions, and craft spaces that exude sophistication today.

Order yours now for Autumn. Your journey to inspired, impeccable design begins here.

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