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Bring a Little Outside In!

With summer well underway, outside is bursting with lush foliage and an array of beautiful colours. It really does brighten your day when you step outside. So why not bring a little outside in? What helps you fall asleep?  Reading, a candle lit bath, counting sheep or maybe the sound of rain? Have you ever […]

Your Perfect Partner…

Smart, Good Looking, Caring & Strong? Why you need to take cotton to bed! The room is dark, your eyes are closed, sinking into soft, comfortable, cotton sheets, ultimate bliss as you relax and fall asleep. It’s the perfect end to your day and a good day always starts the night before. Here at Gilly […]

Creating the Perfect Guest Bedroom.

Spring is almost here! That often means the arrival of visiting friends and family, yet creating an inviting bedroom for them needn’t involve lots of time or money. For those of us who love to entertain, going the extra mile to welcome guests is something that comes naturally. We stock the fridge, we make sure […]

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