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Creating the Perfect Guest Bedroom.

Spring is almost here! That often means the arrival of visiting friends and family, yet creating an inviting bedroom for them needn’t involve lots of time or money.
For those of us who love to entertain, going the extra mile to welcome guests is something that comes naturally. We stock the fridge, we make sure the sheets are fresh and we supply neatly folded towels. Maybe we pick up our visitors at the station or airport and we know there’s certainly going to be a better breakfast than the usual in the morning!
Here are our top tips on creating a perfect guest bedroom.
Linden bed linen with duvet cover and pillowcases

Treat it like your own bedroom

Start by thinking about what would make you feel at home and go from there. I would always recommend treating a spare bedroom as you would your own and giving it the same care and attention.
Have you ever spent the night in your own guest room? To really know if we’re offering our guests comfort, it’s not a bad idea to give the guest room a once over by sleeping in there ourselves. There’s no better way to find out what needs upgrading.

Keep things neutral

When it comes to colour, create a neutral base. But that doesn’t mean the décor has to lack character. In my case this means a comfortable and welcoming space accented by natural textures, you can incorporate interest and texture through cushions, artworks and other accessories. Adding a beautiful throw to the bed is not only practical but can really bring a room together or add a pop of colour.


Light has a major impact on both the feel and functionality of a space, so make sure the bedroom incorporates task lighting for reading and dressing, as well as softer ambient lighting. Dimmable light sources will create a calming and nurturing atmosphere, an overhead pendant light and a few adjustable lamps are a great combination. If you don’t have enough space for nightstands with lamps, try fixing wall lights above the bed or look for clip-on reading lights. Remember natural lighting also plays an important part so make sure the window coverings offer options for those who like to wake up to light or dark.

Invest in high quality linens

It goes without saying here at Gilly Nicolson Bed linen HQ. Quality bed linen can make the difference between a great night’s sleep or an awful one. Gilly advises: “Whether you have a permanent bed, a daybed or a sofa bed, choose the best-quality bedding you can afford. My personal favourite is high-thread-count Egyptian cotton.”


Layering the bed with a top sheet, a duvet and an extra blanket or throw is also a good idea as it means guests can adapt it to their ideal sleeping temperature. Think about providing a choice of pillows, some prefer feather pillows and others like synthetic ones.


Keep extra linens handy

Fresh fluffy towels are a must, but rather than simply stacking them on the bed, try rolling them up in a cute woven basket. They’ll stay neatly tucked away until they’re needed, and they’ll look great.

Furniture and room layout

Give your guests somewhere to hang clothes so that they don’t have to live out of a suitcase. It doesn’t have to be a full wardrobe even a peg rail or a few hooks on the back of the door will help. If you have a chest of drawers or cupboard in the room, try to leave a bit of space free for guests to use. A desk or dressing table is always a plus and a mirror essential. For your guests privacy take care to fix doors that don’t close properly and any locks that are broken. Very importantly, make sure there’s easy access to plug in phone chargers, hairdryers and the like – it’s very frustrating when the only sockets are hidden behind heavy furniture!

Make your guests feel pampered

It’s the little things that make a guest feel at home, so stock up on a few essentials and treats. Why not create a lovely welcome kit which could include: perhaps a few interesting books or magazines; a comfortable robe and slippers; supplies for a relaxing bath; items such as a toothbrush, cotton balls and other easily-forgotten essentials; a beautiful scented room spray is a great alternative to a scented candle. Toiletries; you could add some lovely hotel miniatures, or if you want to go that extra mile why not splash out on some small indulgences such as a few lovely items from, the little luxuries collection at Jo Malone.


Finishing touches

Finally no guest bedroom is complete without some fresh flowers, you don’t need to go extravagant here, I think a small selection of flowers hand picked form the garden is lovely and a very personal touch. Just before your guest’s arrival, open the window and fill a glass carafe with fresh water. Simple gestures, but we guarantee they won’t go unnoticed.

So are you guest ready?

Now, just make sure the fridge is stocked with plenty chilled wine and wait for their arrival. (But) Be warned, your guests may never want to leave!!!

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