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Alfresco Dining: The Perfect Table Setting

Synonymous with the summer season, alfresco dining is the perfect way to create cherished memories with your loved ones. Enjoying romantic, candle-lit dinners enveloped in balmy evenings, marvelling at the gorgeous array of colours cast by the setting sun and tucking into a bountiful meal shared with lovers and friends — all displayed resplendently on an achingly beautiful table setting, precisely to your individual specifications. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? Join us as we delve into the perfect table setting guaranteed to elevate your alfresco dining experience. 

What is Alfresco Dining?

Particularly popular in temperate climates, alfresco dining simply refers to the art of enjoying a meal outside. An ideal way to make the most of the warmer months, alfresco dining is an intrinsically social affair and a perfect excuse to feast on nourishing lunches and boozy summer spritzes with your guests — and of course, to create that show-stopping alfresco table setting.

Alfresco Dining Ideas for the Perfect Table Setting

The perfect alfresco dining experience isn’t just about the delicious dishes you serve or the tantalising tipples you offer. A beautifully laid table can create surroundings so opulent, you can’t help but while away the hours languishing in the sunset, enjoying the buzz of good company and feeling the breeze ruffle your hair.

Come with us, as we take you on a journey to discover the perfect pieces to create a winning alfresco table setting, from luxury table linen, to 24K gold-plated stainless steel cutlery and handmade, artisanal crockery.

Take Inspiration from Nature

Beauty is all around us in the natural world — take inspiration from Mother Earth and discover tones and textures that attract and draw the eye when creating a gorgeous alfresco table setting. Look to your favourite bouquet to find the colours that speak to you. 

Once you have a vision in mind, discover our sumptuous, hand-crafted, luxury table linen collections, available in crisp, pure white cotton tablecloths, placemats and napkins. Each piece is fully customisable with any colour from our curated collections of Grosgrain ribbon trimming or Corded Stitch designs — from the uplifting yellow reminiscent of Spring daffodils to the comforting, clean green of freshly cut grass.

With hundreds of colours to choose from, the (natural) world is your oyster. Match your alfresco dining table to your beloved garden, favourite flower arrangements or simply the shades that bring you the most joy.

Create an Outdoor Extension to Your Home

Perhaps you already have the perfect colour scheme for your alfresco dining table? Your home is your sanctuary, after all, and you’ve worked tirelessly to create an invigorating environment reflective of your unique tastes and personality. Create an outdoor experience that’s an extension of your beautiful home, by choosing timeless pieces you can proudly display all year round, whether alfresco season or not.

With a table linen base and ribbon or corded stitch colour chosen, adorn your luxury table linen with handmade crockery, such as our Tavira tableware. Evoking the strength and spirit of the Sea, each piece is created in Portugal by skilled artisans, glazed to perfection and enhanced with an exquisite sea blue colour.

Or, for something a little more rustic, explore our Sintra collection. This stunning stoneware range sports a subtle touch of grey, with a beaded edge to add a natural elegance to your table setting, both inside and outside the home. Both our Tavira and Sintra handmade crockery collections are dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer proof, and available in dinner plate, side plate, cereal bowl and pasta bowl. 

All your alfresco dining table setting needs now is some finishing touches — enter our 24K gold plated, stainless steel Evora cutlery collection, here to add simple sophistication to your table setting. With an 18/10 stainless steel head, 24K gold plated finish, and gorgeous resin handle in a stunning navy hue, these serving tools are the perfect accompaniment to your alfresco dining. Complement your three- or four-piece set with an Evora cake fork, cake slice and salad server.

Discover Our Stylist Service

If your alfresco dining table setting is leaving you with creative block, why not enlist the help of our premium Stylist Service? Created to make your shopping experience as seamless as possible, our customers can enjoy expert guidance from our design team and explore unrivalled personalisation, with bespoke designs and luxury table linen matched to your unique fabric and colour specifications. 

Send us your inspirational pictures, colours, wallpaper or fabric samples, and we’ll recommend the perfect pairing, design and colours to match your alfresco dining vision.

Capture a Timeless Table Setting with Gilly Nicolson

View our entire range of tableware, and create the perfect alfresco dining experience you’ll want to enjoy, rain or shine. And for whole-house luxury, explore our indulgent bespoke and fully customisable bed linen collections

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