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How to Care for Your Luxury Bed Linen | Gilly Nicolson


Caring for Your Luxury Bed Linen

How often do you get into bed and think ‘I love my bed?!’ In truth, our relationship with our bed is one of the longest and most committed we’re likely to have. With this in mind, it’s only natural to want to adorn your loyal companion in hand-crafted, luxury bed linen — made with buttery-soft, pure cotton and linen trimmed in sumptuous ribbon or corded stitch, in striking shades.

Our bed linen collections are lovingly hand-made by artisanal mills in Portugal, using only the highest-quality, premium materials. Each piece is made to last, and with a little TLC, is guaranteed to delight you for years to come. We know life gets busy, so we’ve made our collections simple to look after — read on to discover how to care for your bed linen, from washing and drying to ironing and stain removal tips for life’s little accidents. 

For information on caring for our other products, visit our Care Guide.

How to Wash Your Bed Linen

To keep your bed linen clean and free from dust, germs and stains, we recommend washing once a week at 40˚C. Be sure to wash your linen on its own to avoid the risks of snags or discolouration from zippers and other items.

Many detergents contain bleaching ingredients or ‘optical brighteners’ — for our non-white sheeting colours (such as soft grey, natural and ivory options), this can eventually lead to colour fade. To protect your bed linen, as well as its ribbon or corded stitch trim, wash with a natural detergent without bleaching ingredients to get the best results and keep your sheets looking fabulous.

How to Dry Your Bed Linen

Your bed linen can be tumble dried on a low heat and medium spin. To prevent wrinkles and keep your bed linen mildew-free, try taking them out before the cycle ends and air drying. If you have access to a garden, you can hang any of our white collections outside but watchout for strong sunshine as this can ‘yellow’ white cottons. For bed linen with our grosgrain ribbon trim, we recommend a cool tumble dry.

When storing, open out each sheet and shake thoroughly before folding to help minimise creasing. 

How to Iron Your Bed Linen

Ironing your bed linen can keep sheets looking crisp and smooth after washing. For best results, iron your bedding using the ‘Cotton’ setting while damp, which can help remove stubborn creases. Alternatively, spray a little water onto your sheets before using a steam iron for the same effect.

For bed linen with our grosgrain ribbon trim, simply iron on reverse to maintain its lustre.


Bed Linen Stain Removal Guide

Life happens, and mishaps are unavoidable — thankfully, armed with the proper knowledge, you can tackle stains of all sizes and keep your luxury bed linen looking as immaculate as the day you received it. Keep your cupboards stocked with these essentials, and never lose sleep over spilt milk (or anything else for that matter!) again.

  • Soak your sheets — for all manner of marks and blemishes, your first port of call for stain removal should be to soak your bed linen in warm water to loosen the stain and make it easier to remove without scrubbing the delicate cotton fibres. Follow this with the following methods.

  • Washing up liquid — a simple yet effective remedy to treat all manner of stains, washing up liquid can be applied directly to your bed linen and worked in to form a lather. Perfect for oil-based stains, simply pop in the washing machine and repeat as necessary to reveal clean sheets in no time. Washing up liquid is also ideal as a pre-treatment option before shop-bought or other stain removal methods.

  • White vinegar — an accessible staple that can help remove stubborn stains as well as pesky odours from your bed linen, simply add a cupful of vinegar to your washing machine to neutralise smells and help lift marks. Don’t be put off by the aroma, this handy little ingredient will dry scent-free, leaving your sheets looking and smelling great. Please note that white vinegar works best when the stain is treated straight away. For best results, pre-treat with shop-bought stain remover or washing up liquid before popping in the wash.

  • Professional clean — if you’ve tried it all to no avail, a professional clean could be the best stain removal option available. Speak to an expert as soon as possible to determine whether they can help get your bed linen back to its former glory. Whether you opt for professional help or not, try the above methods first to help loosen the stain as soon as possible.

Discover Quality Craftsmanship and Whole-Home Luxury with Gilly Nicolson

At Gilly Nicolson, we make bespoke bed linen that captures the essence of the individual, creating stunning sanctuaries you can’t wait to come home to each night. We’ve used the finest, family-owned artisanal mills in Portugal for over twelve years, perfecting our bed linen collections to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship and supporting communities of women who have passed their art down for generations.

Every piece is made to last, with years dedicated to developing premium collections of bespoke bed linen, bedding, tableware and towels — we’re a whole-home luxury brand dedicated to providing a personal experience for each customer. Get in touch today, and we’ll help you create a haven that truly captures your unique style. Say goodbye to off the shelf and hello to bespoke luxury today.

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