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Choosing the Right Bedding for Your Business | Gilly Nicolson


Whether you’re a boutique hotel selling a sound night’s sleep or an interior designer composing siesta-ready sanctuaries to delight your clients, creating the chicest, comfiest bed you can’t wait to climb into is the heart of your business – making choosing the perfect pieces essential for success (and satisfaction). In our latest blog, we’ll break […]

Tailor-Made Elegance: Why Choose Bespoke? | Gilly Nicolson


Tailor-Made Elegance: Why Choose Bespoke? When it comes to your clients and the face of your brand, only the best will do. Here at Gilly Nicolson, we specialise in custom-made homeware that captures the essence of the individual, with unlimited choice, superior craftsmanship and an unrivalled colour library guaranteed to help you create totally unique […]

Your Guide to Ordering Gilly Nicolson Bed Linen | Top Tips


How do I order Gilly Nicolson Bed Linen? Customising your own bed linen allows you to create something truly unique and tailor-made to your exact requirements. We offer various options for creating your luxury bespoke bed linen. Here are a few simple steps to help you: 1. Choose the fabric: Consider the type of fabric […]

Sample Packs: The Must-Have Studio Essential | Gilly Nicolson

Introducing Our Sample Packs: The Essential Every Studio Needs Sometimes, you need to hold something in your hands to truly feel the craftsmanship and care sown into each stitch. At Gilly Nicolson, we want everyone to experience the sensory pleasure of our buttery, pure cotton linens. To feel the grooves and contours of our embroidered […]

Your Guide to Hypoallergenic Bedding | Gilly Nicolson

gilly-nicolson-hypoallergenic bedding

Do you ever find yourself waking in the middle of the night, sniffly and itchy? If your beauty sleep is often disturbed by bouts of coughing, blocked sinuses and red, irritated eyes, you may be suffering from pesky allergies brought on by your bedding. Aside from being incredibly frustrating for families trying to drift off […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Monogramming | Gilly Nicolson


Everything You Need to Know About Monogramming Whether you’re searching for the perfect personalised gift or want to enhance the natural beauty of your favourite pieces, monogramming is a fantastic way to create truly bespoke homeware that captures the essence of your individuality. At Gilly Nicolson, we offer a fully customisable embroidery service across all […]

How to Care for Your Luxury Towels | Gilly Nicolson


How to Care for Your Luxury Towels Picture this: it’s Sunday evening, and you’ve just stepped out of a stress-melting bubble bath complete with your most extravagant scented oils and a page-turning read. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? Now, the only thing left to do is envelope yourself in a warm, sumptuously soft and impossibly […]

First Look at the New Feather & Fern Collections | Gilly Nicolson


New Year, New Collections: A First Look at Feather & Fern New Year is a time of reinvention, new beginnings and exciting changes. At Gilly Nicolson, we’re positively bursting with anticipation to unveil our gorgeous new collections, Fern and Feather – guaranteed to inject some much-needed freshness into our homes and banish those dreary January […]

Alpaca-Wool Throws: The Must-Have Winter Piece | Gilly Nicolson


Alpaca Wool Throws: The Must-Have Piece This Winter This time of year, there’s only one thing on our minds at Gilly Nicolson HQ: getting cosy. Whether you’re curling up by the fire with the latest page-turning read, snuggling on the couch for a movie night with the family or simply taking some much-needed ‘me time’ […]

Christmas Gift Ideas: Bespoke Children’s Bed linen | Gilly Nicolson


Bespoke Children’s Bed linen: The Perfect Christmas Gift Idea for Your Little One It’s official: Christmas is on its way. And while you may feel it’s a little too early to be thinking about the big day, at Gilly Nicolson, we’re feeling positively festive already.  With nights drawing in earlier, chill autumn winds descending and […]

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