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Colour Pop: the Interior Design Colour Trends Taking Us by Storm in 2022


Colour Pop: the Interior Design Colour Trends Taking Us by Storm in 2022

Here at Gilly Nicolson, we know colour. Our unrivalled colour library speaks for itself: over 400 gorgeous corded stitch shades in every hue imaginable, and over 60 grosgrain ribbons, each one fully customisable with our premium-quality bed linen. If you’re a returning customer, you’ll know all about our luxury neutral sheeting colours — white, ivory, soft grey and natural sateen. These sumptuously simple neutrals are the foundations of our bed linen collections. Clean, tasteful and elegant, each lays the perfect groundwork for a pop of personality. A pop of colour.

With 2022 well underway, we’ll be looking to the year ahead to discuss the trends set to take the world of interior design by storm. We’ll also suggest some of the perfect ways you can incorporate these exciting fashions into your own space for a mini makeover guaranteed to keep your home à la mode.

This time, our grosgrain ribbon bed linen collections are taking centre stage. The perfect way to combine bright, bold, show-stopping colour with the paired back elegance of restorative neutrals, our ribbon-trimmed bed linen collections are our most popular products — and with good reason, too. Read on to discover how these collections can capture the latest trends and transform your bedroom today.

The Colour Trends of 2022: Embrace Nature’s Colour Palette

2022 is all about taking inspiration from nature, and succumbing to the stunning colours of our natural world. Interior Design Magazine forecasts this year will see a significant uptake in earthy browns, sea blues and tree greens in interior styling.

Think rich, mature brown shades of deep mahogany and sable furniture to modernise any room. These colours are cosy, comfortable and versatile, easily incorporated into your existing decor to refresh and contemporise. Stormy, sea blue hues make the perfect wall colour this year and are a fantastic way to bring peace and calm to your bedroom, while various shades of natural green are also set to make headlines in 2022 and can be a brighter, more uplifting alternative to dark blue wall paint. If you’re not willing to make that much of a commitment just yet, accent your home with rich, opulent emerald and azure accessories instead — think curtains, decorative pillows and wall accents. 

Let the outside in with our Xero bed linen collection. Accentuate crisp white 400 thread count bed linen with our premium ribbon trim in colours that pay homage to the natural world. Discover the dark, cool tone richness of ‘Espresso’, a deep brown. Or lose yourself in ‘Storm’, the perfect sea blue colour reminiscent of your favourite holiday destination.

Experience the Uplifting Power of Brights

If you’re a fan of bright, bold colours, then you’ll be delighted to hear that statement shades are going to be a big trend in 2022. Shades of pink and sunshine yellow aren’t just for kids — these dopamine-inducing shades are the perfect wall colours for risk-takers and are even said to improve your mood and promote optimism. For those keen to try the trend without overhauling their entire aesthetic just yet, pops of bright and bold accessories and key pieces of furniture are fantastic ways to enjoy bold hues without the risk. Just make sure you use the colours wisely! We love the way that Taylor Howes have used highlights of colour throughout their interiors, simply stunning. 

In fact, our Duo luxury bed linen collection is perfect for both the brave and those who want to go bold, but on their own terms. Choose your favourite neutral, premium sheeting colour and complement it with not one, but two grosgrain ribbon trimmings. Combine your best bold colour combinations for a fresh and funky way to hop on this year’s hottest trend. Complement your decor and show your individuality with a timeless but fun design that will never go out of style. With an endless amount of combinations to try, the world really is your oyster. Combine ‘Beauty’ and ‘Sunflower’ for a deliciously sweet rhubarb and custard look. There are limitless combinations for you to try, so get inspired and inject your personality into our Duo collection today.

Discover the Gilly Nicolson Grosgrain Ribbon Collections

This year, make your home the trend-setting sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of and have your neighbours asking for tips on turning their homes from drab to fab in no time. Shop our entire range of bed linen here — browse beautiful premium linens in 200 and 400 thread count, all in a range of delicious neutral shades, perfect for complementing any decor. Plus, with an unrivalled colour library of over 400 shades, there are endless bespoke possibilities, with rich sateen ribbons and beautiful corded stitch trim just waiting to be customised. 

Why not take your interior design trend a step further? Browse our gorgeous tableware collections, handcrafted by artisans in Portugal and inspired by nature.

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