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Christmas Cosy: from Cashmere Throws to Soft & Sumptuous Towels

Christmas Cosy: from Cashmere Throws to Soft & Sumptuous Towels. Discover Winter Saviours from Gilly Nicolson


Winter can be a divisive season. For many of us, the dropping temperatures and shorter daylight hours can bring seasonal sadness and dreams of those long lost balmy Summer evenings. If that resonates with you, allow us to inject some silver lining into that stormy grey cloud.

With biting winds, cold hands, and sniffly noses, winter can be challenging. But winter brings something summer does not — cosiness. As a luxury whole-house brand whose sole mission in life is to help you transform your space into a beautiful sanctuary you hate to leave and love coming home to, cosiness is in our DNA. Our timeless and classic pieces are made to stand the test of time, with long-lasting, high-quality and ethically sourced materials made by artisans in the UK and Europe. So naturally, you’ll find abundant, high thread counts in our bespoke bed linen and warm, luxurious wool in our cashmere throws. In a nutshell, Gilly Nicolson is the epitome of cosiness.

In this blog, we’ll be exploring some of the premium winter saviours in our collection, guaranteed to make your festive season a warm, sleepy and snug success. Join us, and discover the key pieces you need to make this year’s Christmas the cosiest yet.

Create a Cosy Cocoon with Our Bespoke Bed Linen

Is there anything better than waking up on a frosty, cold morning wrapped in pure Egyptian cotton, contentedly basking in your bed’s warmth? We don’t think so, either.

Lovingly created in artisanal mills in Portugal, our bespoke bed linen collections are hand-crafted using only the finest cotton, ribbon and trim fabrics. We have worked exclusively with the same mills for over a decade to build an extensive collection of fully-customisable designs with an unrivalled Colour Library

Our Linden collection is the perfect bespoke bed linen to nestle into after a chilly Winter’s day. Like our Oxford collection, the Linden gives you the option to add a splash of colour with the addition of a simple corded stitch row providing endless colour possibilities. For your bed linen choose from a range of sheeting colours in 200 and 400 thread counts using luxurious sateen and percale cotton.

On average, we spend one-third of our lives in bed. At Gilly Nicolson, we think that’s justification enough to sleep in luxury every night. Browse our collections of bespoke bed linen here, and discover luxury, handcrafted cotton that promises to keep you cosy through this winter and many more to come.

Experience the Softness of a 100% Pure Cashmere Throw

When the wind is howling and rain pitter-patters on your windowpane, the only remedy is curling with a good book, a snug throw and a steaming mug of your favourite hot drink. 

Woven in Scotland using only the finest yarns, our luxury, 100% cashmere throws come in a selection of gorgeous colours, each finished with a stunning and unique rippled effect. So, whether hung gracefully on the corner of your sofa, thrown on your bed or draped across your shoulders on a cold winter’s night, our cashmere throws promise to elevate your home and keep you feeling cosy this Christmas.

Melt Into Our Sumptuously Soft Towels on a Cold Winter’s Night

When it comes to cosiness, the humble towel is often overlooked. However, we think we can safely say that the feeling of a deliciously soft towel across your skin really makes you stop and pay attention. For this reason alone, we set out to create towels so extraordinarily soft that you’ll find yourself compelled to sit on the edge of your bed (post-shower) for just that tiny bit longer.

You’ll find our exquisitely soft towels in some of Europe’s top boutique hotels and homes. With a range of colours, weights and sizes to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect partner for your bathroom. Our towels are easy to care for and can be personalised with our monogram service or rows of Corded Stitch in your favourite colour — for that premium touch.

Treat Someone Special to a Cosy Christmas this Year, with a Gilly Nicolson Luxury Gift Card

Our Christmas gift cards make the perfect indulgent present for that special someone. For the beloved mother who works so hard, the aunt who adores detailed craftsmanship, the newlywed brother or the friend who deserves a little richness in her life after a challenging year, our Gilly Nicolson luxury gift cards are a fantastic way to treat your loved ones to a cosy Christmas. So, give the gift of choice this year, and don’t be surprised if you quickly become the recipient’s favourite person.

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