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Japandi: Turn Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary with this Modern Interior Design Fusion

In recent years, the popularity of “Japandi” design has grown significantly. A fusion of Japanese and Scandanavian interior design, these contrasting aesthetic styles work in harmony due to their emphasis on decluttered minimalism and simple comfort.

While they may be over 8,043 km apart, the two cultures share a love of utilitarian functionality and simple yet quality pieces. These shared design attributes have, in recent years, combined to create Japandi — a delicate fusion that balances the sleek and clean designs of Japan with Scandinavia’s comfort-focused concept of “hygge” (cosiness).

”My memories of working in Japan are as clear to me today as they were 20 years ago. There is so much to be inspired about, their use of clean, simple, minimalistic lines and shapes which create simple yet comfortable living spaces. I remember lots of greenery, open spaces and natural light, all of which create a calming environment that truly reflects their Zen Philosophy”

Taken from our founder Gilly Nicolson on her time working and living in Japan, this quote captures the neat, precise essence of Japanese interior design. But, when it comes to the bedroom, comfort is king. Adding elements of Scandanavian decor, or hygge, to your bedroom is an excellent way to create a cosy retreat while maintaining the simplicity and elegance celebrated in Japan.

Read on to discover our tips for transforming your bedroom into a snug and stimulating sanctuary with Japandi interior design.

What is Japandi?

Japandi is the harmonious marriage of two distinct cultural design styles: Japanese and Scandanavian. With a shared love of minimalism and functionality, the Japandi trend accentuates the finest aspects of each style (Japan’s clean sophistication and Scandinavia’s contemporary comfort) to create a unique balance within the home.

Simple Japandi Interior Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

How can you incorporate the Japandi style into your bedroom?

Embrace Minimalism

When it comes to Japandi, less is more. Minimalism is a common attribute of both Japanese and Scandanavian interior styles, favouring simplicity and neat spaces over accessories and ornaments.

Declutter your home and allow each of your pieces the room to breathe (and be noticed). Japandi is more than a trend; it’s a lifestyle — an open, spacious bedroom and neat, uncluttered surroundings can not only help achieve the classic Japandi style but create a calming place of respite in our otherwise hectic lives.

Bring the Outdoors in

A theme that connects both Japanese and Scandanavian design is the importance of nature. Incorporating plants and foliage into your home is a simple way to seize the Japandi trend.

The advantages of going green go further than a beautifully decorated home, however. Adorning your space with more plants has the added benefit of purifying your air, absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen back into your room. This can contribute to a better night’s sleep — reason alone to visit your local florist.

Source Quality Pieces that Stand the Test of Time

One of Japandi’s most prominent features is its emphasis on functional, quality furniture. To create the ideal Japandi interior, accessories and ornaments must be practical and of the highest quality to win the privilege of being displayed in your home.

Think of each piece as an investment. Take your time and source items you know will promise you joy for years to come. Not only will you achieve the classic Japandi style, but your choices will save you from replacing your beautiful furniture, cultivating a more sustainable lifestyle.

Bespoke, Luxury Bed Linen from Gilly Nicolson

Our luxury bed linen is made to last, with clean and contemporary designs perfect for recreating the simplicity of Japandi interior design.

Crisp, clean cotton and sharp lines of ribbon in 60 fully customisable colours make up our sumptuous ribbon collections: Mono, Xero and Duo. Choose from our selection of neutral colours, from white to ivory, soft grey and natural — in crisp percale or silky-soft sateen. Ideal for your Japandi decor.

Equally, our Corded Stitch collection is a fantastic way to accentuate your Japandi bedroom, with up to three rows of classic stitch edging in a vast array of colours (over 400, in fact). The versatility of this collection is endless, offering you exceptional personalisation to complement your bedroom’s Japandi style.

Your bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom and deserves only the highest quality materials and fabrics. Explore our entire collection of luxury bed linen here and add the finishing touches to your Japandi sanctuary.

Choose Neutral Colours

When it comes to choosing the perfect Japandi furniture for your sanctuary, neutral colours like beige, off white and muted colours like grey are gorgeous paired with natural fabrics like linen, cotton and wood.

Neutral colours also better reflect natural light within your bedroom. This gives the impression of larger, loftier rooms and creates the illusion of more space. Minimalism is best showcased in large, open plan areas — a must to achieve the fundamentals of the Japandi style.

Capture Quintessential Japandi Design with our Stylist Service

Achieve the perfect Japandi interiors for your bedroom with our premium Stylist Service.

Our Stylist Service was born to make life simpler. With expert advice from our team and unrivalled personalisation, discover bespoke, luxury bed linen matched to your unique fabric and colour specifications.

Send us your inspirational pictures, colours, wallpaper or fabric samples, and we’ll recommend the perfect pairing, design and colours to match your Japandi bedroom sanctuary.

Want to go even more bespoke? We can create embroidered designs just for you — send us a sketch or image you’d like embroidered onto your bed linen, and we’ll do the rest.

Bespoke Bed Linen That’s Uniquely You

Founded in 2009, Gilly Nicolson was established with one goal in mind: to create bespoke bed linen that perfectly encapsulates the personality, taste and individual sense of style of each customer. It’s all about creating the essence of the individual.

Our brand has grown and evolved in the past twelve years, expanding our range of products and services to offer an unparalleled customer experience. Enjoy limitless customisation through our Stylist Service, with colours and fabrics set to your exact specifications, for a beautiful bedroom sanctuary that’s truly, uniquely, you.

Explore our collection of luxury bed linen and discover how we can transform your home today.

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