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Sustainability and Innovation: The Gilly Nicolson Ethos

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Since launching Gilly Nicolson, our vision has been a marriage of two passions: the creation of timeless, bespoke pieces for every room in your home and the cultivation of an innovative luxury brand that’s forward-thinking and constantly evolving.

Every piece in our collection has been thoughtfully designed and meticulously curated to last you a lifetime. Whether it’s our gorgeous, bespoke bed linen, or our hand-crafted crockery, our homeware is built with the future in mind. Sustainability has always been a key element of our business’ ethos here at Gilly Nicolson. That’s why we don’t do trends — we do premium-quality pieces that never go out of style. We like to consider ourselves the slow fashion brand for your home.

For us, sustainability means constantly reviewing our business processes and operations to ensure we’re doing as little harm as possible to our precious planet, while real innovation means listening to the feedback of our valued customers and developing our collections to create truly essential pieces that are reflective of who you are.

In this blog, we’ll be exploring the key ways our brand is dedicated to cultivating better sustainability practices throughout our supply chain, as well as our dedication to constant innovation throughout our collections. Read on to find out more.


As a luxury homeware brand with a future focus, Gilly Nicolson is fully committed to sustainability throughout our supply chain and business practices. In 2020, we pledged to become an even more sustainable business with an eco-conscious purpose.

We’re delighted to report that all of our bed linen, towels, and table linen collections are packaged in recycled and recyclable bags as of September this year. Plus, we now exclusively use only 100% cotton bags for all our bedding — because adorning your home shouldn’t cost the earth. 

But it doesn’t stop there. We now ship larger packs of our products from Portugal to ensure more orders can be combined, resulting in fewer deliveries to our UK office (not to mention less CO2). 

It’s still only a start – we have a long list of sustainability targets we’re determined to hit. We will continue to source better, more environmentally-friendly packaging and cultivate more sustainable operations throughout our supply chains so that one day soon, we may be able to declare ourselves fully sustainable.

There is no planet B, and the increasing conversations being held around the climate crisis point to one thing: that everyone must do their bit to ensure the longevity of our planet so that our children, and children’s children, may have a future to look forward to. So, join us on that journey.


Since our founder, Gilly Nicolson, discovered a passion for the custom-made while working for a small, bespoke bed linen company in New Zealand during her 20s, creating pieces that are truly reflective of who our customers are has remained a top priority for us as a brand. 

Since our launch, we’ve had many intimate conversations with our customers, creating countless innovative and unique orders, each with a bespoke colour combination and intricate design to capture the essence of the individual. For us, innovation goes beyond the gorgeously curated collections we already offer. It’s about dialogue with the people who matter to our brand: our customers.

That’s why we endeavour to offer a truly bespoke service. It’s at the heart of everything we do here at Gilly Nicolson. Many of our trade customers come to us because they know we can accommodate their need for something original — something different and not simply ‘off the shelf’. We were asked by Jess Weeks Interiors, an interior design and architectural services studio, to combine 2 of our designs to create something incredibly striking — no problem. To tie in with their strong, fresh green grass colour scheme, they chose our Village Green grosgrain ribbon, which we colour matched with one of our Corded Stitch colours, before adding some gorgeous cotton ties. I’m sure you’ll agree the result is bold, beautiful, and of course, totally unique!

But making our customers’ customised dreams come true isn’t our only opportunity to be innovative. We’re constantly reviewing and curating our collections to bring you imaginative, never-before-seen pieces you can’t buy anywhere else. Our newest bespoke bed linen design Cascais Scallop is one such design. 

Like our charming Tavira, Sintra and Evora homeware collections, Cascais Scallop was named after another glorious little sun-trap in Portugal. With a bustling marina and dramatic coastline, split by piercing rock formations — this quintessential little fishing town is bursting with character, and class, making it a fitting inspiration for our sumptuous new, scallop-edged, bespoke bed linen collection. As always, our latest collection can be fully customised with a choice of over 400 colours to create something wholly unique to you. 

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