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Christmas Table Setting Ideas: Experience Splendour this Festive Season | Gilly Nicolson

Christmas Table Setting Ideas: Experience Splendour this Festive Season

November is here, and Christmas is officially in sight. And after the year we’ve all experienced, we couldn’t be happier to herald in the festive season.

It’s no secret that we love Summer here at Gilly Nicolson, but after an unseasonably warm start to Fall, we’re looking forward to chilly days, cosy nights and rediscovering our cherished woolly layers, hidden in the back of our wardrobes for far too long. And, of course, the pièce de résistance of this gorgeous time of year: Christmas. Or, more specifically, Christmas dinner.

For many of us, Christmas dinner is the centrepiece of the season and, often, the culmination of many arduous weeks of preparation and planning. And while a delicious Christmas meal, built with the traditions of the generations that came before us, is the key to satisfied smiles, full stomachs and warm, mid-afternoon naps, how we present all our hard work is arguably just as important as the feast itself

So, in this blog, we’ll be exploring the perfect Christmas table setting ideas, from bespoke table linen to that fragrant flower arrangement, to give you the inspiration you need to go all out this year for a festive season you won’t forget.

Get Your Foundations Right, with the Perfect Christmas Table Linen

When picturing your festive feast, dazzlingly displayed amongst an ornate table setting, we’re guessing one of the essential features in your vision includes the perfect table linen to pull your Christmas decor together. 

At Gilly Nicolson, the ideal Christmas table linen is opulent, rich in colour and exquisitely made. It’s an occasion piece, brought out especially when you want to impress or have something to celebrate. It should be made to last, with gorgeous craftsmanship you’ll want to pass down the family.

Our table linen is as individual as you are. Totally bespoke and with a huge range of colours, you’ll be spoilt for choice this holiday season with our Grosgrain collection. Our finest, pure white cotton table linen is lined with your choice of ribbon in over 60 different shades. Discover Village Green, a beautiful deep shade reminiscent of Christmas fir trees, or choose our rich Cranberry red for a luxurious, classically festive look. Alternatively, go against the grain with Camisole, a light, baby pink for a pop of colour on your Christmas table.

No matter your Christmas decor, or individual tastes, you’ll find the perfect colour to match your vision. And if matching sets are your style, our Grosgrain collection also features placemats and napkins.

Elevate Every Plate, with Classic, Artisanal Crockery

Undeniably, a classic Christmas dinner, no matter what that looks like to you, is a true sight to behold. Display yours with pride with handcrafted crockery that will make all your guests speechless with (good-natured) envy.

Our Sintra classic crockery collection is inspired by nature — created in Portugal by the experienced hands of artisans, each piece in this white stoneware range is wholly unique, with a beautiful beaded edge and flecked design. Guaranteed to elevate your festive dinner, this set will match gorgeously with every colour and style on your Christmas table setting. Explore the Sintra collection now — available in dinner plate, salad plate, cereal bowl and pasta bowl. Plus, every piece is dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer proof for conveniently storing your Boxing Day leftovers. Turkey sandwich, anyone?

Add a Touch of Class to Your Tools

You might feel the dining utensils you use to carve up your meat, spoon your cranberry sauce and drizzle gravy don’t matter all that much in the grand scheme of things. Oh, but you’d be wrong. Decadent, stylish cutlery can truly be the icing on the cake when it comes to a positively spectacular Christmas table setting — especially when the tools in question are 24K gold-plated, stainless steel, set in polished, navy blue resin handles, such as our Evora collection. Available in 3 and 4 piece sets, as well as salad servers, cake slice and cake fork, this stunning collection of cutlery is eye-catching and a luxurious way to upgrade your dinner table this Christmas.

Finish it Off with a Dreamy Flower Arrangement

This festive season, a decadent bouquet of flowers is a great way to add subtle elegance to your home. Based in Edinburgh, Pollination Flowers specialise in wild, seasonal and distinctive flower arrangements that are guaranteed to add the perfect finishing touches to any Christmas Table setting. An ideal way to take your table up a notch, if there’s ever a time to go all out, it’s Christmas, so why not treat yourself this year?

Snuggle up with a Cashmere Throw

Admittedly, a sumptuous cashmere throw isn’t likely to add anything to your Christmas table setting, but can you imagine the sheer indulgence of snuggling up on the couch, sleepy, with heart and tummy bursting, to watch wholesome Christmas television with your loved ones while swaddled in pure cashmere?

Woven in Scotland using the finest 100% cashmere yarns, our luxury throws are available in 5 beautiful colours and make an excellent napping partner on a cosy Christmas afternoon.

Make This Christmas a Luxurious One, with Gilly Nicolson

Experience a festive season like no other, with extravagant, whole-home pieces from Gilly Nicolson. Our bespoke products capture the essence of the individual, to create a sanctuary that’s truly reflective of who you are. Capture Christmas luxury, and discover our entire range today. Gift cards available also.

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